[October 2015]

Medical team-1   Medical team-2
Community development at its best – signs in Lahu, Thai AND English – thanks Pramote for coordinating the mobs of people.

Medical team-3   Medical team-4
Medical team-5   Medical team-6
Waiting patiently for treatment - people walked, rode bicycles and motorbikes, and came on the back on trucks and buses. Some travelled for hours and hours to come to the free medical clinic at Prao.

Medical team-7             Medical team-8
Thank you Namee and Suwit and the children for                        Excellent teeth-cleaning lessons from Jen.
allowing the dental team to use your room.

Medical team-9 Medical team-10  Medical team-11
Children singing and thanking the fabulous medical team - the US led by Dr Kevin with the BFF team – Jen, Jill and Pramote. Please view the video

Jennie and Jill said, “Well this is Day 4 of our clinic at Phrao and we have now seen over 700 patients, handed out over 2000 toothbrushes, had over 3doz soccer balls blown up, bounced close to 100 tennis balls , handed over nearly 2kg coloured pencils and kilos of new and preloved clothes. We bought food for five hostels with donated cash. But the one that tore the heart strings was when Namee saw the uniforms donated by the Palmyra Junior Rugby team and her face lit up. She asked could they be put aside for Christmas presents for the kids since they were all so beautiful :)"

Medical team-12                                Medical team-13
Jen took 40+kg of goodies for the children –                   Jill and Jennie bought watermelon and other treats
soccer balls and rugby gear were a big hit.                     for the kids after they were seen by the team.
Thanks Andy and his soccer team,
plus the Palmyra Rugby Club.

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Click on the play button to listen to Dr Lorel Mayberry, President BFWA, speak with Jenny Seaton (Curtin FM). Lorel talks about her work, including the life-changing endeavours of BFWA.



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