BFWA and Happy Hands worked hard to distribute photos or cards to more than 100 generous people who sponsor more than 160 children. The majority of the sponsors (codes: KN, MK, KP, YH, NS) received an email from Eileen at Happy Hands with a photo of their child holding the decoration they made for their sponsor. Children then hung the decorations around their hostels adding lots of fun and colour. Please see the Facebook for photos of all the children proudly holding their handiwork. Scissors, textas and coloured paper are a rarity for the children. Thanks Pramote, Lorel and Ying for all the hard work – getting 200+ children to focus on the task was a challenge. Excitement ruled!

Thank you sponsors-1   Thank you sponsors-2

Children from Teerawat’s hostel and village (codes TH and TV) made cards for their sponsors.

Thank you sponsors-3 Thank you sponsors-4

Thank you sponsors-9  Thank you sponsors-10
Children at the Lahu Orphanage Centre (LOC) making their decorations. Sponsors received a photo of their child and the thank you decoration (code KN).

Thank you sponsors-11
Proud of their decorations.

Here are the photos of the Jessup’s with their Christmas Cards from the children in Northern Thailand. They were fantastic to receive - very special surprise to all of us. Thank you. Cheers. Mark

Thank you sponsors-5Thank you sponsors-6Thank you sponsors-7Thank you sponsors-8

In September 2015 Tony Cuzens wrote to Volleyball WA and told them about the work Borderless Friendship does in Northern Thailand. He asked if there were any secondhand volleyballs they may have so they could be taken up to the children as they have so little to play with. Volleyball WA was very generous and not only provided about 15 volleyballs, but 7 of them were new. These were taken up to Northern Thailand in November 2015 and distributed amongst a number of the orphanages and hostels that Borderless Friendship is involved with. The photos below show how excited the children are to be able to play games with each other. Thank you to Volleyball WA for their very generous contribution.

Volleyball WA donations-1

Children at Namee and Suwit’s hostel (code: NS) love the volleyballs.

Volleyball WA donations-2

Young people, from Yohan and Hannah’s hostel (code YH) in Prao, enjoying the donated balls from Volleyball WA.

Lorel distribute these beautiful quilts which were made by the hardworking quilters from Geraldton WA. The underprivileged children at the Prao roadside hostels (code YH and KP) were overjoyed to receive their special gifts.

Quilts with love from Geraldton-1   Quilts with love from Geraldton-2


Teerawat’s Akha hostel offers unique accommodation for visitors. Just 300thb ($15) per night gets you delicious Akha food (breakfast and evening meals) and a comfortable, rustic experience in ‘Akha Hilton’. A shower (cold!) and a flushing toilet tops off the experience.

33 children are very fortunate to live at this hostel (code TH) – the children are spoilt with love from the Teerawat family. They embrace their unique Akha culture and practise sustainable agriculture. Teerawats also support 11 young women in the local village, all struggling to stay at school. All children come from disadvantage – some parents have AIDS, some children are orphans, all are extremely poor and without sponsorship and the love from the Teerawat’s, life would be very different. More than 30 Australian supporters are sponsors and donors.

Akha heaven  come and stay-1   Akha heaven  come and stay-2

Lorel and Tony enjoying Akha hospitality

Akha heaven  come and stay-3   Akha heaven  come and stay-4

Many comfortable beds – the sounds of the morning will wake you – pigs, ducks and chickens plus the children doing their morning jobs.

Akha heaven  come and stay-5   Akha heaven  come and stay-6

What a view – looking down the valley to ‘Akha Hilton’. Breakfast made by Mitor (Mr Teerawat’s wife). In the picture, Lorel, Marcia, Pramote, Mr Teerawat with grandchild Acha, Mitor and Dave.

Akha heaven  come and stay-7

The chicken house – thanks Mark and friends for donations for this sustainable project

Akha heaven  come and stay-8

Akha young women who live at Teerawat’s hostel – all have sponsors and love going to secondary and high school. They also receive education scholarships from BFWA and dream of going to technical school and university.  Dave Turner (from Qld) was a guest – he met Yadaw and Pramote a few years ago …lovely story! They were travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane on a flight. Yadaw and Pramote were attending a sexology conference – guest of the Australian Assoc of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists (ASSERT). Yadaw and Pramote did not receive the meals on the plane and Dave kindly bought them meals then became their first class tour guide in Brisbane. He promised he would come to Thailand to see the fabulous work that Yadaw and Pramote do. Welcome Dave and thank you for all you did. Dave said, “My life changed with that meeting on the plane.” He and his friends are now sponsoring children and he gave 120 children school uniforms, shoes and backpacks. WOW!

Akha heaven  come and stay-9   Akha heaven  come and stay-10

Children at the Teerawat Akha Hostel - Breakfast before walking to school.

Akha heaven  come and stay-11

Multilevel living at the Teerawat’s Akha hostel – in the mountains north of Chiang Rai. BFWA funded this building – multipurpose room/dining with the girls’ dorm on top and the kitchen (right).

Akha heaven  come and stay-12

Challenging building projects in the mountains. Teerawat’s hostel – functional, sustainable and inspiring. This walkway links Teerawat’s family house with the dining room/kitchen/girls’ dorm. The boys’ dorm and bathroom are underneath down the stairs.

Akha heaven  come and stay-13

Rotary funding enabled this toilet/bathroom block to be built. The older girls live in the dorm (right of picture).



What a great night we all had at Royal Perth Yacht Club Annexe in Fremantle.

Around 140 people attended on a perfect, still, warm evening.  The fabulous band, led by James Paxton of Paxton Hoad Real Estate, was the focus as they sang and played the night away.

Everyone enjoyed delicious Thai food from Wrap N Rice with fine wines donated by Red Hat Wines, Capel Vale, Willow Bridge, Amelia Park and De Bortoli.

Beautiful handbags, locally designed and donated by Jenny Faulkner were a huge hit, with every one being sold on the night.  Other attractions were the Thai craft stall and an extensive Silent Auction featuring 52 items from a stunning  Kailis pearl to a massage or a signed Eagles poster.  Many thanks to everyone who donated and purchased the items.

One of our wonderful, enthusiastic organisers, Anita Moncrieff, provided ‘Tree of Life’ bracelets which were sold on the night with the help of budding entrepreneurs Leila (11) and Fraser (8) Braddock and friend Saoirce.

We were thrilled to enlist the help of 17 new child sponsors – thank you to all of you.

Most importantly, we reached our profit target of $15,000 which will enable the start of the new children’s hostel near Chiang Dao on the land so generously donated by a supporter from Canada, Brian.

IMG 1618   IMG 1843

Our Supporters


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