Peter Snell – President of the Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin – the huge pile of quality children’s books were received with great excitement. They bulk up the mobile libraries that benefit 120 hill tribe children. The children are voracious readers and we also hope that many volunteers will also read these books for the children. Peter also passed on 3 second-hand laptops that Phil and Lorel passed on to the Kae Noi Lahu Opening Centre (LOC) orphanage. This remote orphanage, thanks to the hardworking LOC coordinator Jafa, the LOC now has internet access. Jafa in his usual creative style, traded welding work on an internet tower for internet access for the LOC. It is amazing to see the reach of the internet, for example, some of the ‘likes’ on the BFF Facebook now come from the children and carers in the LOC!
handing over special food and books Prao

Rotary Club of Victoria Park – Thanks to this Rotary Club and especially President Wilfred for the donation and the foreign coin. Wilfred gave Lorel a huge pile of foreign coin donated through the spinning wishing wells in a few Perth shopping centres – we were able to exchange some of this and the children in 4 hostels now have new soccer balls. The donated money has been added to the Education fund – supporting hill tribe children to remain at secondary school.
handing over soccer ball

K Mart Garden City, Booragoon – Hundreds of hill tribe children and carers enjoyed new underwear and clothing thanks to Glen and his staff at K Mart Booragoon.
handing over kmart baby clothes  handing over kmart clothes Mr T

handing over kmart clothes Kae Noi

Guides at 1st Bateman group – Leader, Jill Angel, passed on $200 raised by the girls during a recent pikelet sale. Special food was purchased for 5 orphanages/hostels including eggs, chilli, garlic and special vegetables and fruit.

biscuits bought with guide money

The new kitchen at Teerawat’s hostel in Sang Suk village near Chiang Rai – Work is progressing on the new kitchen and dining room plus a redesigned girls’ dorm – funded by BFWA. On the recent visit by the BFWA committee members, Lorel and Phil, they were once again amazed by the skills and commitment of the Teerawat Family. This hostel is well on the way to being self-sustainable. All the children attend secondary school and some are hoping to get to university. 

Teerawats kitchen 1     Teerawats kitchen 2

Renovations at Prao hostel – BFWA committee agreed to fund much needed renovations and improvements at Prao – the boys’ hostel needs urgent repairs and minor improvements to the girls’ dorm – both will then be weather tight – dry and warm. The photos below show the recent work at Kampung and Obie’s hostel. Thirty children from 5-16 years stay at this hostel for up to 10 months a year. The children come from impoverished hill tribe families who live high in the mountains with no access to schools. Staying at the hostel means that the children are loved and cared for whilst they attend the school in nearby Prao.

boys dorm Prao 1   boys dorm Prao 2

boys dorm Prao 3   boys dorm Prao 4

Thanks to the generosity of some BFWA supporters, children and carers at the Kae Noi Lahu Opening Centre (LOC) had an extra special Christmas.

105 0544  105 0551  105 0683  105 0692  105 0694


[November 2013] Please find the full report of our first ever sexuality training in Lahu community in the attachment.

Oct/Nov 2013 Orphan Aid visits the Kae Noi LOC

orphan aid news  2013

It was with great pleasure that we were able to hand-over a new sewing machine to Nahae, Namishaw and Naomi at the Kae Noi Lahu Opening Centre (LOC) orphanage. This sewing machine was a gift from Orphan Aid, who had visited Kae Noi a few weeks earlier. Board members, Jem, Sophie, Lawrence and Kim visited the LOC to see firsthand the difference their ongoing support was making to this orphanage. On their return, Orphan Aid board members thought that the request by Nahae for a sewing machinewas worthy. Lorel and Phil were due to leave for Thailand in a couple of days, so Orphan Aid purchased a machine and delivered the machine the next day so it could be delivered personally to the LOC.

Nahae said it would be so useful for repairing the children's clothes and learning to make new clothes as well.

While Lorel and Phil were in Thailand, more good news came via an email. Orphan Aid also agreed to fund Jafa to purchase a quality second hand rice mill and a shelter for drying the multitude of clothes that are hand washed by the children and staff every day. This is another step towards sustainability for the Kae Noi LOC.

Thank you once again to Orphan Aid for their generous donations. This is in addition to the ongoing significant monthly support. Every month, Jafa and Naomi and the other volunteers no longer have to worry about how they are going to pay for rice, electricity and cooking gas.

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