I am 19 years old, about to start my final year at Durham University and have a passion for human geography. I learnt about the Borderless Friendship Foundation (BFF) through my cousin Ollie Brooke who enthused about the Foundationís work, the children and Pramote.  I wanted to work closely with a charity rather than volunteer to work on the periphery of a large organisation so my heart was set on BFF and the summer before for my final year of studies was the perfect time to visit Thailand.... (read more in the attached file)

[August 2013] Sowlu and Nachi are blind and live with their son Jalaw. Their home was in a poor state after recent flooding and the risk was that the next rains would wash it away.

I am pleased to send pictures of the renovated house for the blind family - they are very happy with the cool house in the dry season and the warm house in the winter.

Thanks Dr.Lorel, Olly, Phil, Kat & Aunty Lilly for making their dream come true.

Blind family1  Blind family2  Blind family3

Blind family4  Blind family5  Blind family6

President, BFF Thailand

[August 2013] BFWA and supporters (Jan, Rhonda & Rob) provided 4 sets of library books, strong plastic boxes and colourful book shelves. Four hill tribe hostels (2 in Kaenoi and 2 in Prao District) with more than 120 children are now enthusiastic readers. These boxes will be rotated among the hostels. The education program is a key part of the Borderless Friendship Foundation vision.

Many thanks from the children in the 4 hostels.

Mobile library1   Mobile library2

Mobile library3  Mobile library4

President, BFF Thailand

[August 2013] We would like to report to you about the mushroom project in Kae Noi hostel.


Volunteer, Robin Alderson-Smith, from Canberra, Australia, spent time living at the hostel and teaching the children in January 2013. Robin donated money to buy lots of mushrooms. The 1,000 growing tubes were delivered to Kae Noi hostel on 22nd May 2013. Since that time, we are able to collect 105 kg of delicious and nutritious mushrooms.

We have sold 24 kg of mushrooms and earned 1,175 baht (approx AUD$ 44-). The rest of the crop we consumed, shared our products to our neighbours and donated some to the school for their lunch program.

Our mushrooms are very productive and we are able to collect almost every day. We do hope it will continue producing for the next 3 months (until October 2013). The kids like it lots and it is a strong protein source. We would like thank Robin for your great support and we always remember you every time we eat your mushrooms. We warmly welcome you back to see our smiles next year.

Mushroom1  Mushroom2  Mushroom3

Mushroom4  Mushroom5  Mushroom6

Love from Pramote, Jafa &Naomi, and all the kids of Kae Noi hostel.

[August 2013] We are thrilled to see the photos of the new girls' dorm at the orphanage at Kae Noi. See the news item (April 2013) which shows the shocking condition of the previous structure.

The new building, including a new bathroom, would not be possible without the support of the Rotary Club of Booragoon (WA) - thanks again for $4000-. The balance of the money for this substantial building project was raised in Thailand - the BFF concert last January was a huge success and thanks also to the generosity of many Thai sponsors (see the names of the many Thai companies in the photo below).

DSC09152   DSC09155

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Click on the play button to listen to Dr Lorel Mayberry, President BFWA, speak with Jenny Seaton (Curtin FM). Lorel talks about her work, including the life-changing endeavours of BFWA.



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