After months of intensive fundraising, work has begun on a new girls' dormitory at the Kae Noi orphanage. Our thanks go to the Rotary Club of Booragoon for their donation of $4000, to all those people who supported our pizza night at Kava Cafe and to those that attended the BFF concert in Chiang Mai in January. The work will include having the ablutions moved to be part of the new structure instead of having to walk outside and down a steep set of steps (not pleasant in the rainy season!).

This will complete the building program at Kae Noi. We will post photos of the new building when it is completed.


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[April 2013]

Thanks to Orphan Aid Western Australia, the orphanage at Kae Noi now has funding for essential rice, electrcity and cooking gas needs. As an idea of the need of this orphanage, the monthly rice requirement alone amounts to AU$450.00! This is great news for the 33 children and their carers. Orphan Aid has once again proved to be very generous, the last funding helped to build a water tank at the Kae Noi hostel managed by monk Pra Jufu.

Lorel (President BFWA) and Pramote (BFF Co-ordinator) explained the way the funding would be applied and what needed to be done to keep these wonderful sponsors happy. The funding will be paid bi-monthly. This really is life saving for the orphanage because the previous funding was cut at the end of March.

IMG 20130408 111526    IMG 20130408 105557

Oh what a feeling!!

Today (10-04-2013), after waiting for nearly 8 months, the new vehicle has finally arrived for BFF & its coordinator Pramote. His old Toyota was struggling to make it up the steep mountain roads and the list of needed repairs was growing longer every day. Thanks to Sarah and Evan at Grill'd Mt Lawley and BP Matching Grants for their generous support and the generosity of all those that help with fund raising, BFWA was able to supply a new Toyota Hilux. This will make the journeys up into the mountains not only more comfortable but safer.

We need everyone's ongoing support to keep up the repayments, but BFWA is committed to this as without a reliable vehicle, Pramote cannot continue his wonderful work.

IMG 5055       IMG 5058

During Lorel and Phil's last visit (Jan 2013) Mr Teerawat asked us to help with a new kitchen. The old kitchen was about to fall down, with holes in the roof and lots of termites. With the help of our members we have managed to raise the required funds. Today (10 April 2013) Mr Teerawat was presented with a cheque to cover the building costs of the new kitchen. Two thirds of the children at this hostel have parents and Mr Teerawat has got them to donate some time to assist in the building of this kitchen. This means the funds will go a long way! This hostel is the model of sustainable agriculture and has home stay huts. He would welcome any visitors to come and stay. Contact BFWA via this website. Also check out the volunteering page here too. We will post photos of the building work when they become available.

Cheque for Mr T kitchen


[Old kitchen]

IMG 4504     IMG 4507

For those of you who are regular readers of our news column or Facebook page, the name Olly or Oliver Brooke will be very familiar. Olly has been twice to Thailand to volunteer at the various orphanages and hostels we support. He is also a regular at our the many fundraising stalls that we run.

Olly has been selected to attend the 4th University Scholars Leadership Symposium to be held in Manila, Philippines from August 1 to 7, 2013. He is one of only 1000 people selected worldwide to attend this symposium. It is endorsed by the United Nations Department of Social Affairs, the United Nations Youth Unit in New York, and the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines. It is also supported by the Australian Embassy in the United Kingdom.

This year's symposium will see leaders and volunteers from universities and organisations worldwide discussing humanitarian matters and sustainable development. The program will also include training sessions on leadership, communication, project management and implementation.

This annual program for leadership in social change is designed to provide the next generation of leaders with an understanding of key sustainable development challenges, and to motivate them to realise their potential as agents of change. This will be done through challenging training sessions with diverse international peers and inspiring interactions with experienced humanitarian leaders.

We hope Olly will gain many skills that will not only benefit him in his future career and also with his work at BFWA. We are also sure he will make a valuable contribution to the symposium with all he has learned from his involvement with BFWA. Well done Olly!! We know you deserve this honour.

[PIcture below: Oliver Brooke and hill tribe children at the Kae Noi orphanage]Olly

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