Dear friends and supporters of BFF and BFWA,

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your contributions of time, money and energy to our projects! Please take a look at the attached newsletter to see what has been going on thanks to your help!

Pramote Eua-amnuay
President/Director, Borderless Friendship Foundation (BFF)
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Dana and Peter Robinson, Perth, Western Australia have kick started an education fund to enable a hill tribe teenager to proceed past secondary school.

For children to remain at secondary school is a challenge. Going to university is impossible without assistance. The education scholarship will provide university tuition and assistance with accommodation. In the years to come we hope to be seeing the first Lahu doctor and adding to the small pool of hill tribe teachers, nurses and community development workers.
Case Western University, Ohio, USA had received a grant from Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and was due to be implemented in January 2013. Unfortunately they failed to commence this important project at the Huayjakan School because they were unable to get design approval. It is disappointing because so many hill tribe children would have benefited.
Thank you so much to the Sheila, Tanya, PJ and Peter Sim for their generous support of 2 Borderless Friendship projects:

Firstly, they are funding the construction of a concrete base for the spring water project on the Grill'd land at Hyanjakan. The spring water filtration unit can now be be installed in Feb 2013 on its solid concrete foundation.

Secondly, they have paid for a large amount of irrigation piping for Jufa's water tank at KaeNoi - a remote village near the Myanmar border. BFWA and Heart for Change provided the water tank and some irrigation pipe however additional pipe was needed to pipe water from a nearby supply. With a consistent water supply for the hill side crops there will be abundance for the children plus vegetables to sell - an amazing outcome.


Great news!!  It has been a fabulous month for BFWA's fundraising efforts.



On Saturday November 19th, Evan and Sarah at Grill'd in Mt Lawley did a massive event during the Beaufort St Festival.  $4 from every burger sold was donated to BFWA, with $5000 being the amazing total!  They have asked that this money go towards a replacement vehicle for the Coordinator in Thailand - Pramote. Out the front of Grill'd that day, the frog croakers, Phil, Marcia, Lorel, Mon and Jarrad, were in action and raised an additional $520. 


In late November the Jacaranda Markets in Applecross attracted a big crowd.  Thanks to Olly for setting up the stall, and then coordinating the day along with Peta. Thanks also to Peter, Lorel, Loan and Rhonda for your fine croaking skills. A wonderful total of $1063 was collected.


Mon and Liz Albert battled the heat and storm at the inaugural boot sale at Bethanie in Hamilton Hill.  The $83 raised also goes towards the purchase of a reliable vehicle for Pramote to continue his work with the hill tribe communities.


The money continues to flow - Oxfam are buying 75 frogs ($375).  Thanks Mon for following up on this and delivering the goods.


Sue did a presentation to a group of Soroptimists about BFWA, sold frogs and raised more than $300. In addition, Sue and Dan organised a quiz night and raised a further $300.


Our Patron, Prof Rosemary Coates, spoke of her life’s work at a breakfast meeting of the WA Health Information Management Association of Australia and donated her speaker’s fee to BFWA.


Thank you to all these BFWA volunteers for working so hard and giving your valuable time to BFWA.  Your efforts go such a long way to enhancing the lives of hill tribe children.


Sawasdee kar




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Click on the play button to listen to Dr Lorel Mayberry, President BFWA, speak with Jenny Seaton (Curtin FM). Lorel talks about her work, including the life-changing endeavours of BFWA.



Thank you for your help.