[October 2012] Sarah and her husband Evan Hewitt are the franchisees of 2 Grill’d stores in Perth – Shafto Lane and Mt Lawley. They have been generous supporters of BFWA. In Feb 2011, Sarah and her friend and fellow BFWA Committee Member, Liz, travelled to Chiang Mai and travelled with Pramote to meet the hill tribe children.

Currently Grill’d have nominated BFWA as one of their charities. A token is received with every burger purchase, and the diner deposits the token in the tin of their chosen charity. At the end of the month – the winning charity will receive a cash prize of $300 and runners up will receive $100.

The tokens are building for BFWA, so why not pop in to one of the stores and enjoy a burger and drop your token in the BFWA tin. On Nov 17th,Sarah and Evan will once again support BFWA with a fundraising initiative at their Grill’d store in Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley. $4 from every burger sold will be donated to enhance BFWA work in Northern Thailand. Last year more than $6000 was raised! This money was used to purchase land in Chiang Dao. Please see our facebook page for the exciting initiatives happening on this land. 

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Updated August 2012  - More photos on Facebook

Chicken farm for Omkoi School lunch program: A joint project of BFF-BFWA, Rural live Development Foundation of CPF (Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL Thailand) and Rotary Club of Chiang Mai North. The opening ceremony for this project was held on 19 August 2012 witnessed by representatives of all organizations plus school teachers and students plus local government agencies. More than 1,000 students (85% of them are hill tribe children from Karen, Mhong and Lahu) will benefit from this program.

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Eyes mobile clinic: BFF together with Rotary Club of Chiang Mai North and Eyes Service Foundation set up an eyes mobile clinic on 20 August 2012. We were able to treat and provided glasses to about 75 patients.

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[June 2012] Pramote supervised the release of thousands of fingerlings into the fish pond on our land at Chiang Dao. More than 20 young people were trained about the project and helped to release the fish. The young hill tribe people will 'guard' the fish and also help catch the fish for selling. Pramote hopes these young people will be the leaders in the future.

The village also requires water so Pramote has worked with Rotary and Engineers Without Borders to analyse the water quality of the fishpond. They were thrilled with the results - the water quality was perfect for drinking. Because the water is fed by a spring, supply is abundant. Pramote is hoping that the water may also be a business opportunity for the women in the savings group.

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(May 6-9, 2012) Pramote and Yadaw, along with Rotary colleagues from Chiang Mai North club, drove to Bangkok for the recent RI Convention. Pramote was thrilled to meet face to face with Erin Woodward (Senior Coordinator Future Vision Pilot Operations Department at the Rotary Foundation) and Dr Bob Warner from Arkansas (a long time friend of Lorel’s from her Rotary GSE to Arkansas in 1994 and Past District Governor -D6150). Bob, Sam Chaffin and many Rotarians from Arkansas have been working with Pramote and Lorel on another large Rotary grant for clean water and sanitation.


The President of the Rotary Club of Little Rock (Club 99) Greg Flesher and his wife Dora travelled north to Chiang Mai after the conference and were guests of Pramote’s. They were keen to meet with hill tribe people and learn about the savings groups and microcredit in action. They also saw the impact of previous Rotary grants – clean water and improved sanitation for schools. The schools that have been targeted are the schools with limited resources and a large proportion of students from hill tribe communities. These Rotary water grants not only help the students- the whole community benefits – safe water for all the community in the dry season and improved sporting facilities such as grassed school ovals.  


(April 15, 2012) On a recent visit to the hostel, Lorel and Pramote met with a builder who provided a very reasonable price to upgrade the buildings at Kumpung’s hostel – the builder will: enlarge the boys’ dormitory, build verandas, extend the concrete, finish the floor on the multipurpose building. BFWA agreed to meet the total cost of these works -$2450.

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The Prao hostel houses 60+ children. The hill tribe children (Lahu and Akha) stay for 10 months a year at the hostel so they can attend school down on the lowlands in Prao. There are no schools up in their villages, so the hostel provides a safe place to stay and basic food. The carers for the children are volunteers and the parents who can afford it, pay a small amount for their children’s board. Kumpung and his wife, are grandparents and also care for 30 children – mostly younger children. Hannah and John, also grandparents, and they are responsible for 30 children including some of the older girls and boys.

Any BFWA supporters who visit/stay at Prao are generous and take eggs, vegetables and meat plus pay a small amount to stay overnight. This really helps by providing all the children with additional nutrition and the visitors share the feast. Toothpaste, toothbrushes have been provided by Lenore at Colgate (Australia). Cotton towels have been donated by Jen and coordinated by Sue and Dan (WA). Thank you all.

Please see our facebook page for regular updates about the progress of the renovations at Prao hostel.

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