Education and Training

We are supporting more than 400 hill tribe children in many areas of Northern Thailand. We assist them to stay at school, or to continue study at technical school or university. We also support students who live in mountain regions far from schools by providing hostel accommodation during school semesters (ten months of the year). We provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships. 65 students at the last ceremony in January 2017 benefited from this funding, including 10 young women who received a Paola Ferroni Education Scholarship.

As many of these children do not have Thai citizenship, we are assist in that regard too. Gaining citizenship means they will be able to have access to basic services such as medical treatment.

Hundreds of young people have enjoyed a weekend workshop learning about sexuality and relationship education -  for details see the Mooditj program to hill tribe children. This program is the centre piece of indigenous health and relationships training developed by SHQ Western Australia (formerly Family Planning WA).

Tax deductible donations can be made to Borderless Friendship Foundation via Rotary (Rotary Australia World Community Service).

Sponsorship for hill tribe children

BFWA, in cooperation with Happy Hands Foundation (Victoria), started a sponsorship program in 2014. More than 60% of our children have sponsors. Truly life changing for them and fulfilling for the sponsors too!

For $360 a year or $30 per month, you would provide basic essentials so the children can continue at school.

If you are able to support one or more of our hill tribe children by becoming a valued sponsor, please email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Paola Ferroni Education Scholarships

Professor Paola Ferroni was the Director of the Centre for International Health at Curtin University in Western Australia. She was an Epidemiologist who dedicated her life to promoting health and preventing disease and disability through research and education. Dr Ferroni and her team undertook most of their work in Asia.

Paola emphasised the need for educating girls and women as a means to ameliorating poverty and achieving gender equity. Based on the UN statistic that 70% of the world's poverty is born by women and that one on three women has been subjected to some form of sexual aggression, Paola provided both material and emotional support for many women from diverse countries and cultures.

In November 2014, while cycling to her fitness centre, Dr Ferroni was killed, being hit by a driver who was looking at her telephone rather than the road in front of her.


The Paola Ferroni Education Scholarship has been established to honour Paola's work and her philosophy.

The scholarship is to support the education of girls and women in order to provide them with the capacity to make independent decisions, find safe and meaningful employment and become educators to their family and beyond.

If you wish to donate to the Paola Ferroni Education Scholarship fund, please follow the link on DONATE page.

"If you educate a man, you educate an individual. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation"
Catherine Beecher 1843

Safe drinking water and sanitation

BFF together with Rotary International, Chiang Mai University and members of BFWA, work to provide safe drinking water. About 2,200 children have benefited from this activity so far. The latest grant from Rotary will enable another 7 villages to enjoy the benefits of safe and reliable water. This project is due to commence in 2018.

Medical fund

We recognise that equity in health is a basic human right. Supporting the health of hill tribe children is an important and valuable part of our ongoing work, in which we aim to provide information, education and open communication about matters relating to health and we are respectful of cultural norms and traditional attitudes.Seeking to improve the health of hill tribe people, we work both directly and indirectly, with allied organisations, and we collaborate with hill tribe communities to support the local people, training or up-skilling in basic health care.The BFWA Medical Fund provides immediate financial support to enable individuals to seek emergency care (this covers all costs including transport costs to a higher level healthcare or hospital facility, including but not limited to hospitalisation, investigations, medications, fuel, carer accommodation and/or meals).
We also assist with immediate financial support for medical review and referral to a higher level of care if required.

Funds cover:

  • Ongoing medication for individuals as prescribed e.g. epilepsy drugs
  • Treatment programs relating to periodic community health issues in hostels e.g. routine worming and de-licing treatments (this is supported by ongoing education relating to these issues) and
  • Funds for support of and improvement to sanitation e.g. pumping of septic tanks.

If you are intersted in our medical program you may donate directly to our Medical Fund:Account details : BSB: 016-267 Account no: 267310446

See the Medical team at work …

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Click on the play button to listen to Dr Lorel Mayberry, President BFWA, speak with Jenny Seaton (Curtin FM). Lorel talks about her work, including the life-changing endeavours of BFWA.


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